About LK

I work a steady job in languages and moonlight as a writer of gritty adult fantasy featuring broken heroes and swords with a mind of their own.

DEVIANT is the story of a nameless slave girl who now, forty years later, is none of the above anymore. He is now Chōno, possibly the best swordsman of his generation and high priest to a bloodthirsty god he doesn’t believe in. After a string of betrayals, his comfortable life of mistrust and violence becomes very uncomfortable indeed. Between a useless right hand, a lost magic sword and way too many demands on his nonexistent social skills, Chōno has a lot on his plate.

For now, DEVIANT stands on its own. Ultimately, though, it will be a trilogy. I’m currently editing the second part, and I’m about halfway through drafting the third part.

In addition to writing, in some form or other, for most of the day, I’m a weightlifter, an avid traveler, a perennial dabbler in the martial arts, a budding bladesmith, a voracious reader and an avowed carnivore. I also drink coffee the way a camel drinks water.




Header image courtesy of nihonto.ca, used with permission.